Building a better tomorrow, one little life at a time.

At TLL Education Services, our purpose is two-fold:

To meet the needs of emergent readers in a variety of circumstances and settings, and

To help educators and parents assist children as they navigate through early childhood.


Our Past

Focusing on children's educational issues for over 30 years, we have been involved in a number of innovative projects and pilot programs. Beginning with classroom design in the early 1970's, we have written curriculum for Early Childhood Education Programs and designed / implemented Literacy Education and Remediation Programs for a number of at-risk communities. Authored work has been exclusively for and within the academic environment.

When we launched our Education Consulting Service in January 2002, we were afforded new opportunities to serve a more expanded education community.

We draw wisdom from resources rich in Early Childhood Education, Reading Education, Effective Literacy, The Psychology of Language, Teaching Basic Writers, Methods for Teaching Reading, Language Problems in a Multicultural Environment, Reading Remediation and Study Skills, Developmental Education, and Professional Development experience in Brain Research. We continually strive to provide learning solutions to our clients and website visitors.

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Our Present

With learning and literacy as our goals, we are always honored to assist educators and parents as they initiate new curriculum and develop new methods for reaching every student. Whether we are commissioned to write resource materials for book publishers, or requested to write a 1-page resource for a specific school project, it is always a privilege to serve the education community.


Our Future

In addition to our consulting services, our website has become a favorite for educators and parents worldwide. We strive to provide quality articles which are both timely and practical, keeping in mind that we are building a better tomorrow, one little life at a time.

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